Oct 9-19 - Tour of Gay Italy, from Caesar to Michelangelo and Beyond" 

A NEW departure in Gay Tourism

Led by our own Art Historian Tour Guide Andrew Lear

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TheMenEvent is happy to recommend Oscar Wilde Tours' tour of "Gay Italy, from Caesar to Michelangelo and Beyond" scheduled for Oct 9-19.  "Gay Italy" hopes to bring something new to the world of gay travel: tours focused on gay history and culture, and led by the eminent gay historian and scholar on male-male love in Greek art, Dr. Andrew Lear (also one of our favorite tour guides). Dr. Lear brings a vast and detailed knowledge of gay history, years of experience with group travel, a connoisseur's acquaintance with the beauties and pleasures of Europe, and personal qualities of kindness, humor, and charm that is sure to make this trip a pleasure. It is also a rare opportunity to not only revel in amore that is Italy, but to learn about the gay history of a fascinating country! Given that Dr. Lear spent his childhood in Italy, taught at the University of Rome for three years, and has dedicated his life to the study of the Classics- this tour is predicted be the highpoint of the year. Call 646-560-3205 and mention the promotion code "The Men Event" 

More about the Tour:

The splendor of ancient Rome…the glory of the Renaissance…the magnificence of the Baroque—Italy is the artistic treasure house of Western civilization.  But there is a side to Italy’s story that most people aren’t aware of:  from the Caesars to Michelangelo to Visconti and Pasolini, Italy is also a storehouse of gay history—and many of its artistic treasures celebrate same-sex love. Join us as we reveal the gay side of this amazing country. Our tour begins in Rome—capital city of emperors, popes and artistic geniuses. We learn about the history of same-sex love as far back as the

Etruscans, and discover the secret lives of the emperors—from Caesar and Nero, to Hadrian and his lover Antinous, worshipped as a god after his suicide. We follow in the footsteps of Caravaggio—rebel against artistic and sexual convention—and visit the settings of Tosca and other operas.  And of course no visit to Rome would be complete without enjoying its culinary pleasures, including a sampling of Italy’s very best gelati…

From Rome we head to Naples, to visit the Archaeology Museum and its notorious Gabinetto Segreto—and to eat a pizza Margherita in the restaurant that invented it. Then on to charming Sorrento, from which we visit the ruins of nearby Pompeii; the ravishing Amalfi Coast and Paestum, with its beautifully preserved Greek temples and homoerotic wall-paintings; and finally Capri, pearl of the Mediterranean, where we explore its 2,000 year record of same-sex love, from the palace where Emperor Tiberius held his orgies, to the early 20th century, when the island was a European Provincetown.  And along the way we enjoy the gastronomic specialties that make Southern Italy so famous, from buffalo mozzarella to babà al limoncello.

Our final stop is Florence, fountainhead of the Renaissance—and a fascinating window into the gay past. Here we revel in the city’s endless artistic treasures, while focusing on the Renaissance’s flourishing culture of same-sex love and the artworks its inspired—in particular, Donatello and Michelangelo’s two famous Davids, so very different from each other, yet both so intentionally homoerotic. As always with Oscar Wilde Tours, we take you to places that regular tours do not visit—from the underground ruins of Nero’s Golden House to the villas of Capri’s early 20th century gayocracy. We learn about Italy’s gay side with Professor Lear and local guides who specialize in gay culture.   And we relax in a series of exquisite hotels, while feasting on the cuisines and wines of three of Italy’s great culinary regions. To learn more, contact us at info@oscarwildetours.com or (646)560-3205. Commissioned paid to travel advisors (ARC number required).

Detailed itinerary: CLICK HERE

More info on the tour: oscarwildetours.com/tours/#Italy

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