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Sun 2/28 – Men Only Cuddle Party

  • Buddha Body Yoga Studio 39 West 29th Sttreet, #302 New York, NY USA (map)

Sun 2/28 – Men Only Cuddle Party

2pm at Buddha Body Yoga Studio, 39 W 29th St #302

Event sponsored by

Tix $25.  Special Offer: Save $5 use code THEMENEVENT

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Sometimes You Just Want To Cuddle. The proven benefits of cuddling are well documented. Touch really is a need like sleep, food and water. Basically, we all are biologically hard-wired to need cuddling. Cuddle Party is about compassion, affection and touch. We all need touch and affection. Nurturing, welcome consensual touch is good for you. Good for your body, heart and spirit. Good for your blood pressure, your nervous system, your emotional health, your ability to connect with and trust people, your ability to respect and care for yourself, your creativity, sense of safety and comfort and belonging. Having the experience of mutual supportive touch with other men without having it be a sexual experience is very powerful.

Event sponsored by, offering trained, certified cuddle therapists. Cuddlist’s mission is to offer a safe way to engage the healing power of intimate nonsexual touch. Cuddlist might be right for you if:

- You'd like the benefit of cuddling without the challenges of sex or relationships

- You’ve recently suffered a breakup or a loss of a loved one - and you need a no-strings-attached hug

- You feel touch-deprived, stressed, anxious or lonely

- You are constantly nurturing everyone else, and you could use a little nurturing for yourself